Monday, January 20, 2020

Why Choosing Donuts For Breakfast or Dessert Could Be a Great Idea

Whether you are having a cup of coffee Winter Park to start your day off or you prefer a cup of tea while you work at your computer, there are a number of items you can snack on to keep you ready for the day’s task.

However, one option may not readily pop into mind -- the donut!

There are a lot of myths surrounding eating donuts and should you buy into these false teachings, you may be missing out on a delicious combination. In this article, we will be discussing some of the reasons why pairing your cup of coffee with a Gingerbread Orange donut, Crème Brulee donut or any other type of donut from The Glass Knife could be a great idea.

Donuts Don’t Automatically Translate to Obesity

Many people are conscious of their weight and appearance and this is rightly so. However, most people associate donuts with excess fat and would rather starve themselves of the pleasure offered by the pastry.

While eating a lot of donuts can be bad for your health, everything, if done in moderation, has its positives and advantages. Believing that only overweight people have donuts for breakfast is gross misinformation, one of which may have been robbing you of some pleasures to kick start your day.

If your work requires that you exert a lot of energy during the day, loading up on carbohydrates contained in donuts like the Cranberry Orange Ginger Cake donut or an apple fritter can be just the right energy source you need to get the day started. What’s more, is that aside from being great fuel for physical activities, it also helps you reach your daily calorie intake quota faster.

While you may argue that you aren’t really interested in engaging in physically straining activities for the day, you should also consider that calories are the same, whether they are obtained from protein-rich sources or carbohydrate-rich sources.

Moderation is All You Need

Have you ever heard or read about the importance of moderation? Even when burning fat, moderation is key. Burning too much fat in too little time can cause an imbalance in your body system. This also applies to eating donuts and other desserts. While glazed donuts look great by the dozen, keeping consumption to a moderate quantity can help you get the desired satisfaction you need while also ensuring that you can keep tabs on your health and overall weight.

When consuming donuts, it is recommended that you exercise a little bit of restraint to avoid binging on too many calories.

A Delicious Donut is Sometimes All You Need to Get The Day Started

On some days, you just need all the energy you can get and this can be in the form of coffee and a uniquely flavored donut. Remember how we mentioned donuts can act as a carbohydrate power bank. This may just be all the refreshment you need to get you energized for the day’s activities.

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